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Open to all students who are in 9th – 12th grade at the time of the audition


DEADLINE: This PDF audition form and your recorded (MP3) audition should be emailed to David von Kampen ( by Monday, April 2, 2018.

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Any late entries will incur a $10 late fee.


EMAILED SUBMISSIONS ARE PREFERRED, however, postal mail is okay if necessary.

If sending by postal mail, send recorded CD and this form by March 20 to: David von Kampen – NCDA Vocal Jazz R&R co-Chair, 4135 Garfield St, Lincoln, NE 68506.


Please contact David von Kampen at with any questions.


*The cost to each student if selected is $225, which is inclusive of all meals, room, insurance and clinician costs.


*Music must be learned and memorized prior to the first rehearsal with the clinician.


*Possible extra rehearsals may be organized in the weeks prior to the conference.



  1. Clearly state your name and voice part. Do not say your school name.


  1. *Scales


  • Major


  • Blues (1, b3, 4, #4, 5, b7, 8)


  • Chromatic


*Students should sing all three scales, ascending and descending, one octave, in eighth-note movement as indicated in the examples provided below. This should be done unaccompanied and in the swing style on the syllables ‘doo-ba’ or ‘doo-va.’


Tempo: quarter note=92 bpm. The student may be given ONLY the starting pitch.


S – begin on E4; A – begin on A4; T – begin on E3; Bar/Bass – begin on A3


  1. Prepared solo selection


Each student should select a solo in a comfortable key from Vol. 41 or 107 of the Jamey Aebersold sing-a-long series or from “APPROACHING THE STANDARDS for Jazz Vocalists,” by Ronald C. McCurdy and Dr. Willie L. Hill, Jr. This alternative option includes an accompaniment CD AND demonstrations by live performers. The student’s initial interpretation of the selected piece should reflect closely what is printed in the music. As the solo progresses, and the student repeats and returns to “the head” or the beginning of the tune, he/she should lyrically, melodically, and/or rhythmically embellish the existing material or choose to improvise using scat syllables. The singer should be sure to attempt to demonstrate his/her entire range. He/she should sing through the form a total of 2 or 3 times only. This prepared solo should be recorded while singing along to the accompanying CD provided with the book.


(Aebersold volumes are $19.95 for book/CDs and are available through Jamey’s website,, as well as through many of your local music retailers.


You can find “APPROACHING THE STANDARDS for Jazz Vocalists” at


**NOTE FOR STUDENTS: There is some flexibility on the prepared solo. Improvisation is optional. Feel free to sing unaccompanied, with live accompaniment, or with an Aebersold or another pre-recorded track. Jazz, pop, musical theater are all okay – pick something that showcases your natural voice, that you feel comfortable singing. Email with any questions.